Allied Westminster Village Hall Inspiration Awards

Allied Westminster believe the incredible contribution village, church and community halls throughout rural Britain make to their communities should be recognised and rewarded.

This year in 2023, together with Allied Westminster – the home of VillageGuard, the UK’s most popular Village Hall insurance – have launched THE VILLAGE HALLS INSPIRATION AWARDS. The Awards feature three prizes, with 3rd place receiving £1,000, 2nd place receiving £1,500 and our top award will be £2,500. That’s a total prize fund of £5,000 up for grabs!

You can find out more information by listening to some of our recent episodes, or by clicking on our VILLAGE HALLS INSPIRATIONAL AWARDS flyer, which you can also print and share within your local community.

These Awards are open to any village, church or community hall in the United Kingdom and are focused entirely on rural communities.

To enter the Awards, which close at 5pm on Friday 17th November 2023, please complete the form in the weblink here.

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