Asda Foundation – Cost of Living Grant

Round 1

Applications open: 15th January to 1st March 2024
Funding for activities up to 1st September 2024

The Cost of Living (COL) grant is one of three grants within our ‘Grassroots Grants’
programme, our broadest grant programme which aims to empower our Community
Champions and grassroots groups to apply for what’s important in local communities. We
know communities and grassroots groups continue to be impacted by the Cost of Living
crisis, with many having seen a rise in demand for their services at the same time as a
decline in income and rising costs.

When can I apply?

  • Groups may apply for one Grassroots Grant per year.
  • There are three grant rounds taking place in 2024. This guidance relates to Round 1;
    further details including dates and guidance for future rounds will be released in due
  • Round 1 applications may be submitted to your local Community Champion between 15th
    January – 1st March 2024, and activities must begin within six months
    of the application
    window closing date (i.e. by 1st September 2024).
  • Applications should be submitted to Asda Foundation at least 6 weeks before your
    activity to give enough processing time. Please give the Community Champion
    sufficient time.

Groups can have a maximum of one successful Grassroots Grant per calendar year.
Grassroots Grants are: Empowering Local Communities, Under 18s Better Starts and Cost of

  • Groups must not apply to multiple stores; they should work with one store only

Minimum £400 per grant. Maximum £1,600 per grant. Please check with your Community
Champion about how much they have allocated for your group before completing an
application form as they have a limited grants budget.

How to apply:

Contact your local Community Champion to discuss the grant.

  1. Plan your application, by reading this guide and considering how this grant could help your
  2. If your group and project is eligible to apply, complete an application form (available on
    request from your Community Champion), gather copies of the relevant supporting
    documents (see section on following page for more details), and return these to your
    Community Champion.
  3. If your application fits criteria and has all the right supporting documents, your Community
    Champion will submit it to the Asda Foundation team, who will review the application and
    carry out background due diligence checks on your group.

Read the detailed Guidance & Criteria for Applicant group here

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