Asda Foundation – Investing in Spaces and Places Grant

Grants are available for small, local groups in the UK to improve community spaces and places where local people can be together and thrive.

This annual fund is aimed at local groups who are working to improve spaces in the heart of their local community. Applications are encouraged from groups who:

  • Are located in an area of deprivation.
  • Are inclusive and encourage diversity.
  • Are tackling food poverty.
  • Are tackling local crime/anti-social behaviour.
  • Have a positive environmental impact.

Grants between £10,000 and £25,000 are available.

Match funding of at least 50% of the total project cost is required (up to a maximum of £25,000).

The group must have raised at least 10% of the total project cost at the time of application submission.

To be eligible, applicants must either:

  • Own and have full responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the building/space; or
  • Have a lease of over five years and full responsibility for upkeep and maintenance.

Eligible project costs may include materials, tradespeople and equipment costs. The space being applied for must be used by a range of groups for multiple activities on a regular basis or will be used in this way once the project is complete.

The funding is for projects that fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Building repairs: for spaces and places which already exist but are in disrepair and therefore limit the usability, safety or level of expectations for other to use the space. Repairs may be external or internal and may be due to age, vandalism, abandonment. Example include but are not limited to repairs to roofs, doors, windows, replacing central heating, upgrading electrical wiring or repairing/replacing plumbing.
  • Building improvement or development: to enhance a space already in use. The improvements will enhance the quality of space or give more people/new groups the opportunity to use the space. Examples include but are not limited to new kitchens, improving toilet facilities, extension on a building, developing an unused internal space, improving disabled access and facilities, or security features to keep the space and place secure.
  • Outdoor Development: to develop outside space for the benefit of the community, particularly outdoor spaces which benefit everyone and can be accessed by large groups of people. Examples include but are not limited to improving access to a community garden, transforming wasteland into usable space, upgrading a local play area development/upgrading safety features or creating an outdoor learning environment.

How to apply

The Investing in Spaces and Places Grant will open from 9 to 28 July 2024 for decisions in September.

The scheme may close early if demand for funding is high.

Application forms will be available from 9 July 2024 at the Asda Foundation website: applicants can check eligibility and will then be directed to the Foundation’s Grant Management System to complete the application form. Governing documents, safeguarding policies, bank statements and financial accounts must also be submitted.

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