Business Club

Becoming a Support Staffordshire Business Club member means that your brand would be associated with not one, but over 1,200 causes supporting the Staffordshire community. Consumers are more likely to buy a product that is associated with a cause and 73% of consumers say they would switch brands to one which supports a local cause.

We hold monthly meetings where you can connect with the local businesses attending, and also support the fantastic small businesses that host us.

Our Business Club members are local businesses (of all sizes!)who are passionate about empowering our Staffordshire communities to be the best they can be.

Being part of the Support Staffordshire Business Club is a simple way for your business to make a huge impact on your local community.

We want our Business Club to benefit you, as well as helping to support Support Staffordshire. That’s why we don’t charge a membership fee and we’re always open to hearing your suggestions.

There are also opportunities for partnerships too, on how we can work together to build a Stronger Staffordshire.

If you would like toattend our Business Club networking meetings or find out more information then please contact Katie Hughes on [email protected]

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