Changes to Staffordshire Drug and Alcohol Services

As you will be aware, Staffordshire County Council is responsible for ensuring that support is available for people with drug/alcohol problems in the County. The contracts for the current services with Humankind, come to an end 31st March 2024 and, following consultation with staff and stakeholders, from 1st April 2024 the service will be provided by Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT), in a new partnership with the County Council.

This partnership has been created to provide opportunities to integrate the drug and alcohol service with other services delivered or commissioned by the County Council and MPFT, such as mental health, social care and general health, which will improve access and reduce duplication for people with drug/alcohol difficulties. 

The service will be known as Staffordshire Treatment and Recovery System (STaRS) and will continue to work with partners from BAC O’Connor, Betterway Recovery and Chase Recovery.

The staff have had the opportunity to transfer to the new service and there will be changes to their email addresses from Humankind to MPFT, however telephone and mobile numbers are staying the same. Updated contact details will be made available in due course after the bank holiday.  All of the current premises you may be familiar with will remain open and we hope this will limit disruption to people who rely on our service for support. We are also working on creating additional places to access the service, across the County, in the coming months.

We intend to create more opportunities for collaboration with our partners, so would very much welcome your input and look forward to working with you.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Team via the [email protected] email or visit the new website (live from 1 April) Myself and Kevin Woodhouse – [email protected] are also available if you have any queries.

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