Energy Essentials Training for VCSE

The sessions are largely focussed on groups that are close to Thrive sites map here:

However they welcome other groups attending please see flyer.

First webinar will be on ‘Fuel poverty and basic energy advice’ on Wednesday 25th of October 12-1:15pm and here is the sign up link. The session will:

  • Explore what fuel poverty is and how it is affecting our communities.
  • Cover some basic energy advice that you can share with your communities.
  • Introduce one of our new resources on finding local advice.
  • Feature insight from one of CSE’s Energy Advisors, Clair Linfoot, who will detail what the role of an energy advisor involves.

They also have 2 more webinars coming up in November and January.

  • Community approaches to tackling fuel poverty. 

An evening webinar, 6pm to 7.15pm on Wednesday 22 November. This session will explore community-level initiatives for supporting people in communities to act on energy to reduce their carbon emissions and lower their bills. This will help communities to understand how they can start building longer-term community energy resilience. You can sign up to the webinar here.

  • Energy efficiency in your community building.

A morning webinar 11am to 12.15pm on Thursday 18 January. This session will provide an overview of what to consider when making your building more energy efficient – whether that’s through zero-cost behaviour changes or higher-cost measures like renewable technologies. We will also showcase up to five of the successful groups at this online session to act as inspiration to other community groups. You can sign up to the webinar here.

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