Engagement Opportunities

We know that many people with a learning disability or autism want to be as independent as possible and that just small changes could make their lives easier and give them the support they need. Through working with people with lived experience, we have developed an awareness campaign, which aims to highlight the small changes that people could make to make a positive difference.

Starting with NHS services, the campaign identifies some of the small changes that people have told us would help such as longer appointment times or different ways to receive information and support. We know this is only the start though and we want people who know what it is like to live with a learning disability or autism to help shape the campaign going forward so we are trying to find out ways to keep the conversation going.

Do you have any regular events, groups or online sessions that we could attend to update people on the campaign and get their feedback on the direction the campaign is taking? We would be looking to attend once every six months or so. Please send any information to [email protected]

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