Fundraising Partnership with SCG Staffordshire

SCG Staffordshire was previously Pink Connect.

Support Staffordshire are happy to announce that they have partnered with SCG Staffordshire. This partnership will mean that our charity members have a trustworthy contact to go to if they need advice or solutions to their IT, telecommunications or cyber security problems.

As a local Staffordshire business, SCG Staffordshire understand the importance of supporting our charity members to empower them to help create a stronger community.

SCG Staffordshire have been providing IT and Telecommuncations solutions for 20 years.

Recently there has been a massive rise in Cyber Criminal activity towards some of the most vulnerable areas in the UK. Also there are now GDPR and Data Security guidelines that have to be adhered to.

SCG Staffordshire have great experience in helping Charities large and small with their IT support and Cybersecurity. Julian Bevans from SCG Staffordshire said:

‘Unfortunately these days a lot of charities are seen as an ‘easy target’ as they are sometimes have large amounts of money stored and are deemed not to have the knowledge or implementation with Cybersecurity and Microsoft support. We have also come across situations where insurance has been nullified because the correct Cybersecurity, Microsoft 365 and support is not in place and questions needed answering such as who has access to the charity information and where are they accessing it from.

There is also another looming issue which involves the ISDN Analogue switch-off which means all Analogue services are being ceased and moving to an all IP world in 2025. New upgraded broadband connections and new telephones are required and upgrades to alarms and CCTV for example.

I am specifically located in Stafford and my area is Staffordshire County. It is my remit to advise and help businesses and charities.’

If you would like to discuss anything with SCG Staffordshire, then please email Julian Bevans directly at [email protected] and quote that you are a member of Support Staffordshire.

To find out more about SCG Staffordshire please visit

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