Futures Thinking workshops – Reimagine What’s Possible

Do you want a vibrant, thriving future where everyone can live, work, and flourish? Then join us for a unique Futures Thinking Workshop to explore how this could be made possible. This free event welcomes everyone: individuals, businesses, policymakers, local groups, anyone with a stake in our region’s future.

Together, we’ll dive deep into what matters locally, through this workshop based on the Doughnut Economics approach, we’ll explore:

  • The social foundations: Are we ensuring needs like health, education, and equality for all? Where are the gaps, and how can we bridge them?
  • The ecological ceiling: Are we living within the boundaries of local natural resources? How can we protect our environment while fostering economic prosperity?
  • Themes closest to our hearts: From sustainable food systems to affordable housing, renewable energy to thriving communities, we will discuss what’s working well and identify what’s missing in our region.

There are workshops being held across the whole of Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent, find your closest workshop here:

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