May Updates – Staffordshire Green Network

Stay in touch: join our dedicated Staffordshire Green Network facebook group, aimed at community and voluntary groups. You can chat with other groups, share your events and ask questions about sustainability/nature/energy/climate topics. Join here:


The next Green Conversation is on Friday 14th June, 13.00-15.30 at the Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton-on-Trent. This is co-hosted by Support Staffordshire and Staffordshire Community Energy, and has an energy theme. Learn how you can make your building or organisation more energy efficient, find out about community energy, and talk to local energy organisations to discuss your energy needs and get advice. We will also be hosting events in September and December. Book here:

Online event: Wednesday 15th May, 14.00-15.00. Join us as we host Climate Emergency UK to hear about the Climate Council Scorecards project, what the data tells us about climate action in Staffordshire, and how you can use this data in your work. Book here: What do the Council Climate Scorecards tell us about Climate Action in Staffordshire?

Case study: Kinver Climate Action Group have bought a thermal camera, and are using it in their village to help people discover where they are losing heat in their house – take a look at their website to see how the camera works and get great advice on tackling heat loss in buildings.

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