Southeast Staffordshire Healthy Communities VCSE Alliance Engagement Funding

We are looking for applications to this Engagement Funding with outcomes linked to health and wellbeing priorities. For example (but not limited to): Diabetes, Falls/Frailty, Heart Disease, Hospital discharge, Mental health, (MSK) Musculo-skeletal conditions, Respiratory conditions, Stroke and ALDD (Adults with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities).

We are looking for new projects and proposals that will receive not only funding, but the support of a Support Staffordshire Community Officer to work alongside you.

Examples that were successfully funded in the previous round include:

An initiative for neurodivergent people to design inclusive spaces and places, a new Community Hub in Burton, a Tamworth support group for families of addicted loved ones, a Parkinsons exercise and support group, a resource for people with mental health problems to be supported in recovery in Lichfield, a Fibromyalgia support group focussed around creative activities.

This funding can be applied for by Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises in Southeast Staffordshire, consisting of East Staffordshire, Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough.

Applications do not have to be made online, we are happy to receive them in a way that suits you better. Minimum application is £500 and the maximum value is £2000. This online form is in 5 Sections – Your Proposal, Your Budget, Your Organisation, Additionality and Your Declaration and you can save the form and edit it as you go along, before submitting.


A Support Staffordshire Community Officer can discuss with you how best to access any support and development needs you have in order to complete your proposal. If you have any questions please contact:

James Flintham, Community Officer for Lichfield District and Tamworth

Mobile 07956 448 718 Email [email protected]

Normal working days are Monday to Wednesday 8:30 – 16:30, Thursday 8:00 – 12

Ian Leech, Community Officer for East Staffordshire

Mobile 07751 729 151 Email [email protected]

Normal working days are Monday to Thursday 8:00 – 16:00

Gulsoom Aslam, Community Officer supporting organisations working with people who face additional barriers to inclusion, in East Staffordshire, Lichfield District and Tamworth

Mobile 07751 729 154 Email [email protected]

Normal working days are Tuesday 8:00 – 16:30, Wednesday 8:00 – 16:30, Thursday 8:00 -12:00

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