The Fat Beehive Foundation

The Fat Beehive Foundation is an independent UK registered charity that provides small grants for websites and digital products to other small UK registered charities.

We only fund charities with an average income of less than £400,000 a year. As we aren’t a large funder, we provide highly specialised grants up to £2500 and can’t fund every charity that applies to us – much as we would like to.

Our funding priorities for this year, with the closing dates are:

EducationFriday 28th June 2024 – 17:00
Environmental Protection or climate change mitigationFriday 27th September 2024 – 17:00
TBDFriday 9th January 2025 – 17:00

Our funding programmes are very specific. We aren’t a general IT funder and hence don’t fund general software or hardware procurement projects.

We’re keen for our funding to have a genuine impact, so we don’t fund organisations without the internal resources to make the project a success.

Although we recognise the critical importance of funding core costs or staff time, we are unable to do this. We focus purely on hard-to-fund digital expenditure that other funders will often not cover.

Find out how to apply here

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