The Road Ahead 2024

The Road Ahead 2024 has arrived to help guide your charity’s decisions over the next year. Read the full report to explore the challenges and opportunities you’ll be facing.

Key takeaways from The Road Ahead 2024 

The election will bring uncertainty – but also opportunity 

While the election offers the potential for a better relationship with government, it’s also highly likely to cause delays in important decision making, such as contract processes. Charities must also be careful about how they campaign, making sure that they’re following electoral and charity law. 

Tough economic times are set to continue 

High inflation and interest rates, public sector funding issues and the impact of the cost of living on charitable giving will all present challenges. In this environment, collaboration between voluntary organisations and with funders will be vital. 

Charities must adapt to big social, environmental and technology shifts 

Existential shifts in how we live and work are being created by climate change and new technologies, such as AI. Charities must keep pace if they want to have a say in what these changes look like and make sure they’re doing the best for the communities they serve. 

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