Vegan Volunteers Needed For Outreach!

Do you want to take part in vegan volunteering around your local area?

You can do that – at The Vegan Society.

We have an ever-growing Community Network of vegans just like you, who have a passion to volunteer and promote veganism where they live.

Every month, our Network choose from a range of outreach tasks. These could include town centre stalls, writing to a councillor or MP, sharing our campaigns on social media or contacting local businesses. You’re in control of how much or how little you do.

We also provide our volunteers with leaflets, banners and workshops so that they are equipped to make the biggest impact possible.

Does that sound good to you?

Want more details about volunteering in your local community?

Our volunteer Community Network is packed with people who care about The Vegan Society mission – to make it easier for more people to go vegan and stay vegan. We believe that it’s crucial for vegans to be well supported by the right legislation, the right options and the right agricultural systems.

Within our Community Network, we have two roles:

  • Organiser
  • Advocate

As an Organiser, you would be the caretaker of your local area. This is the more time-intensive role but so rewarding! Tasks would be emailed to you directly every month by our Volunteering Coordinator, who would be your main point of contact here at The Vegan Society. It would then be your job to send out the task to Advocates in your local area and get feedback from them. You\’ll also be able to ask your Advocates for help with any stalls and lobbying. Every Organiser receives an outreach pack, including a table runner, leaflets and banners. We make sure you are fully supported with an Organisers\’ WhatsApp group for socialising and ideas. We also have a monthly gathering on video.

As an Advocate, you will have a network of other Advocates and an Organiser in your area. Your Organiser will be your main point of contact. They will send you tasks every month and ask you to feed back on what you\’ve completed and any positive outcomes. The exception to this is Advocates who don\’t have an Organiser in their area yet. In these cases, tasks will come directly from the Volunteering Coordinator.

You can find full role descriptions and application pages over at:

Community Network | The Vegan Society

Who can I contact with questions?

Enquiries are welcome! You can contact Katy Malkin (Volunteering Coordinator) on [email protected]

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