Voluntary Services Centre, Burton

Despite considerable efforts by the local team, Support Staffordshire have found it a challenge to lease and hire sufficient space over the past couple of years, especially since Covid and the change in people’s working styles.  As such, we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it is not viable for Support Staffordshire to be the main lease holder and to continue to operate the premises as a voluntary sector hub.  At this present time, there are very few remaining, all of which will be supported to find alternative space should they wish to do so.  We are working with East Staffordshire Borough Council to plan a successful exit, currently planned for October 2024.

We resolutely remain committed to working in East Staffordshire and are currently exploring the option of securing local hot desking space for our own use, likely to be at a community venue.

For any questions or additional information, please contact Sally Groves on [email protected]

Sally Groves

Head of Operations Southeast Staffordshire

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