Warburtons Families Matter Community Grants Programme

The Community Grants Programme is provided by Warburtons, a family run bakery business, and is administered on their behalf by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

The principle aim of this funding is to focus on supporting families that need help the most, in a way which adheres to their principles of transparency, trust and transformation.

The aim of these small community grants is to support projects, activities and organisations that will be of real direct benefit to families and have a direct and tangible social impact on people’s lives.

Community grants of up to and including £400 are available.

Warburtons has a ‘limited amount of money for grant funding and will not be able to support all applications’.

Not-for-profit organisations with charitable purposes that are operating in England, Scotland and Wales are eligible to apply.

Funding is available for projects that are working towards one of Warburtons’ outcome areas:

  • Health – supporting families to care for each other and lead healthier lives:
    • Improving physical health
    • Improving wellbeing
  • Place – supporting families to flourish in communities that are safer, greener and more inclusive:
    • Making spaces safe and inclusive
    • Connecting communities with the environment
  • Skills – supporting families to gain useful skills for life and work:
    • Developing useful life skills
    • Developing useful skills for employment.

Grants can be used to cover specific costs that will benefit the cause (e.g. purchasing equipment to support an employability project).

Applications are considered quarterly. Decisions are typically made within six weeks of the deadline.

The next rounds are:

  • Q3: 7 February 2024 to 7 May 2024 for decisions by 14 June 2024.
  • Q4: 9 May 2024 to 5 August 2024 for decisions by 13 September 2024.

To access the application form, groups should click on the link on the Financial Giving section of the Warburton website. They will be redirected to the application form hosted by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

CAF may get in touch with applicants directly, to ask for their bank account details and any documents they may need.

Contact Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) for further information.

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