Welcome to 2024 and very Happy New Year

First things first. A complaint was received by Support Staffordshire, from Mr Richard Grosvenor on 13 October 2023 regarding the contents of the Support Staffordshire Chief Executive blog entitled ‘A Cautionary Tale’, published on 9 May 2023. Investigation into this complaint concluded that while perceptions of the events, the intention of the blog and explanation may differ, we accept that some of the comments were of a personal nature, and we wish to apologise to Mr Grosvenor for any distress or embarrassment this has caused.

The new year can be a stimulus for renewal. A time to do something different – a new challenge, a new job, a new volunteering opportunity. It might also be a time to refresh your current role, group or organisation; or to learn something new. This year, 2024, will almost certainly be a time of change, not least because of an expected general election which might come as early as May. Staffordshire will also see some district local elections and the Staffordshire Commissioner election in May (the elected official responsible for the Police and Fire Service). It will therefore be an important year to be ready for any changes that might follow. If you haven’t had an ‘MOT’ with your Support Staffordshire Locality Officer lately, then please do drop us a line; so that we can enable and support you to be at your best in 2024.

Garry Jones (he/him)

Chief Executive

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